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Michael Phillips

Michael's guidance helps me keep on track as I shift to a more holistic approach. He consistently emphasizes orchard health so as to be less dependent on chemical inputs. I have become more conscious of the trees, the soil, the pathogens and the beneficials, as one integral system which I steward as the grower.
Susan Snipes-Wells, Pennsylvania

Orchard Consultations
with that holistic tree guy

I offer several options to advise you about healthy ways to grow fruit. We can walk through an entire growing season together via ongoing chats and insightful reports, always aimed at increasing your intuitive understanding of what it takes to produce a bountiful crop. Those preparing to plant an orchard, be it with world class cider in mind or an irresistible array of dessert apples , will benefit immediately from my knowledge of ecosystem dynamics and varietal choices. Home orchardists will value a homestead visit as essential to their organic success. Many just want challenging questions answered in a timely manner. And occasionally, someone in the neighborhood simply wants to see pruning done right. Read on to learn more about specific consultation opportunities.

Introducing the
Orchard Calling Card

Many growers benefit from dedicated q&a time with an experienced holistic orchardist. You can now purchase an Orchard Calling Card ($100) to arrange for up to 100 minutes of Michael's undivided attention. Some people easily go the distance in a single phone call. Others have opted for detailed email answers to arising questions. This economical option suits growers from further away who need to zero in on orcharding nuance.

Please contact me for a direct payment option until such time as we get this 'PayPal Box' up and running. Thanks!



Best hundred bucks I've ever spent.
George Naylor, Iowa



To boldly go where no fruit grower has gone before.
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Commercial Orchard Consultation

Fruit growers with a bearing orchard can be mentored by Michael throughout a full season. We'll discuss ecosystem dynamics, the impact of management choices on biology, organic transition issues, tree nutrition, and integrated pest strategies in an ongoing conversation. A site visit can be arranged at additional cost, if desired. Fine-tuning insect and disease dynamics for a specific locale is a big part of this package. Making your operation a market success totally matters. The Commercial Orchard Consultation will include comprehensive management plans for the season at hand, Whats Ahead emails outlining preemptive actions, detailed topic reports as appropriate, and a season end review to analyze lessons learned.

Commercial Site Evaluation

Those with serious orchard inclinations can tap into Michael's experience in discerning the lay of the land. The planting of fruit trees is a big investment that needs to be done right. Excited and ready to make the leap? Great! First let's spend some valuable time thinking through what lies ahead. The Commercial Site Evaluation consists of a six-hour site visit to explore orchard design based on ecosystem advantage. A full overview of rootstock, training systems, understory considerations, varieties aimed at achieving a righteous market mix, proper soil prep, and equipment needs will help reveal exactly what this great idea of yours entails.

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Our mutual goal will always be to grow healthy fruit for your family and your community!
Michael Phillips,
Lost Nation Orchard

Home Orchard Consultation

Looking for a real-time boost to your orchard learning curve? The Home Orchard Consultation includes a  four-hour site visit, biodiversity recommendations, a review of specific pest and disease challenges, fertility recommendations from a soil life perspective, all written into a straightforward management plan. Pruning technique can be demonstrated where trees are already in the ground. This package also includes a free Orchard Calling Card to provide additional time (after receiving your report) to check in throughout the coming season.

Apple Doctoring

Pruning apple trees is one of the rites of spring. Michael provides a custom pruning service within a hundred mile radius of Lost Nation Orchard for people who want professional work done on their trees. Feel free to ask anything apple as pertains to the health of your trees while the pruning gets done. This service costs a flat $90 per hour, including travel time.

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