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Michael Phillips

Michael's guidance helps me keep on track as I shift to a more holistic approach. He consistently emphasizes orchard health so as to be less dependent on chemical inputs. I have become more conscious of the trees, the soil, the pathogens and the beneficials, as one integral system which I steward as the grower.
Susan Snipes-Wells, Pennsylvania

Orchard Consultations
with that holistic tree guy

It is with great sorrow that we announce that Michael Phillips has, in Nancy's words, 'passed on to be with the Great Mystery that awaits us all.' His expert colleagues are gathering together to share the work and disperse the knowledge. We hope that we can offer help some time in the near future.

We who remain would like to direct you to the In Memoriam page, and recommend his wonderful books.

6 March 2022

Looking for a good orchard consultant?

Michael's consulting responsibilities have been assumed by the Holistic Orchard Network's Consultants' Table, a group of dedicated orchardists who have worked with Michael for years, and thoroughly understand 'the Phillipsian Method.' You may get in touch with them through the Network's website, HolOrchard.net at the Consultant page

If you have an existing agreement with Michael Phillips for consulting services, please visit the Holistic Orchard Network's Consultant page and let us know. As an homage and in gratitude to Michael, those agreements are being honored.


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