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Lost Nation Orchard


Sadly, the 2022 Orchard Intensive has been cancelled.

Holistic Orchard Intensive

This organic apple everything weekend with Michael Phillips at the farm inspires people to pursue their own orchard dreams. Come gain the practical insights needed to establish your own fruit planting based on the biological systems approach used here at Lost Nation Orchard.

Holistic orcharding involves a wide breadth of knowledge and timeliness, yet one fact stands clear—we can have beautiful fruit grown without chemical intervention. Regenerative agriculture thrives when we have fun and get people involved with growing healthy food in the places where we each live. This course points the way for all orchardists to meet their unique site challenges. Our time together ends with a rambunctious wassail sure to kindle those hopes of offering the good fruit to one's own family and community.



a view of Lost Nation Orchard in bloom

What better place than here to learn about biological approaches to growing healthy fruit?
I mark as an important life pivot my experience of coming to see the deep web of relationships in the natural world through your books and the orchard intensive. Once you grasp the paradigm and gain the tools to engage and observe, the practice is endlessly fascinating. Entry for me was the key, and I thank you for that.
Pete Lankford, New Hampshire


Tree-Focused Curriculum

Michael will lead participants in a walk through the orchard season. We will discuss the key role understory management and soil health plays in a biological orchard, and look at varietal and rootstock choices. Pruning, grafting, branch training, and trunk protection will be woven into our time together along with a look at righteous equipment for small-scale orchards. Michael will also identify insect and disease dynamics from a holistic perspective aimed at achieving maximum diversity, pointing out a few of the culprits and beneficial allies on hand. Check out this past syllabus for fuller detail.


Michael teaching in the barn

Listening and learning together!


Lodging Options

We aim to be as accommodating as we can when people come to the farm for one of our classes. Setting up a tent to camp in the orchards and woods can be a great part of the experience. Two outhouses are available for what needs to be done. Understandably, some of you may want to spring for a real bed with private facilities. There are several places to stay nearby that come complete with a definitive share of northern New Hampshire character.



Seeing your farm firsthand after years of evolution was amazing. You share your orcharding knowledge with such passion that we [the students] go home fully enthused to do right by our trees.
Ian Colquhoun, New Jersey

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