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Lost Wombat Orchard

play here all you like!

Greetings, Michael! and welcome to the sandbox. You have played here before, and this is an excellent place to learn how to refine and tweak your new web technology. 

This is a 'secret' unlinked page, and only those who know it's here can find it. You get to do the real editing by clicking on a menu link and navigating from there.

This page is also special because its content frame is set to a maximum width of 800 pixels, and the fonts are fixed size.

this is a left column set to lpro = 4

Here are some things to know about the new system:

You already know that adding a frame creates another pair of editable blocks. You control the relative width of the blocks by changing the lcol setting -- it sets the number of 12ths that the left column gets, the default being 3. The right column gets whatever's left when lcol is subtracted from 12, default being 9.

It's okay to leave a block empty. We'll be talking about what, if anything, we put there, and when. I have ideas. 

You can add a page in Nimda. There's more information about page management in the help there. 

Otherwise, this is just like a word processor, only to see what you have wrought, you have to reload the public page. 


PDFs are meant to open in their own window, so don't forget to go into the code and add target='pdf' to the anchor.



Michael up a tree





NovaSpy apples

NovaSpy apples

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connect with the Holistic Orchard Network


connect with the Holistic Orchard Network

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