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Lost Nation Orchard


I ’m so sorry to hear this. Michael came to Connecticut about 5 years ago to teach a class to a large group of us. Loved to hear his knowledge on growing quality fruit trees. He will be missed.

Dennis France


So very sad to hear the terrible news... my old roommate at Penn State and a dear friend. My deepest condolences for your loss... he will certainly be missed by all!

John Sepp


I am sorry to hear of Michael ’s passing. I met and had breakfast with him when he spoke at the Notill on the Plains conference in Kansas. I so enjoyed talking with him and enjoyed his book.

Don Donovan


My most sincere and deep condolences to you. Michael was a wonderful man...thankful to have known him, worked with him, and called him friend. Sending love to you all ?

Beverly White


We met and chatted a few times at NOFA-NY conferences (and I ’m pretty sure at NOFA-VT also) He was an inspiration, a kindred spirit, and a great person. I felt honored to communicate with him through FB as FB friends. This is truly sad and devastating news.

Nicholas Salvatore Martielli


I am crying deepest condolences for his family, the loss of this lovely, lovely man! I picked apples with him and ended up the cook at Saxon River Orchard where he picked apples probably early to mid 80 ’s! Years later I went to a workshop not knowing it was he teaching it and had him sign the book I bought, he had immediately recognized me and we spoke fondly of the good times! I have always held memories of what a kind and thoughtful person! The earth lost a really good one!!!!!

Dina Iris Kail


So sorry for everyone ’s loss, it ’s been years since I ’ve seen Mike, he was sure a good guy! I know the family and community will sure miss him.

Jane Barber Hickman


Woah what!!? So glad I got to hold space with him at Quail Springs. Beautiful spirit. I ’m so sad he has passed on.

Enrique Gutierrez


I am sorry to hear of Mike ’s passing. I spent a lot of time with Mike and Alan growing up as neighbors. I always admired Michael and the path he chose. Not many people can say they lived their life doing something they truly loved. Nancy I am sorry for your loss and my prayers and thoughts will be with you during this difficult time.

Douglas Simonton


Dear Nancy and Gracie, first of all my condolences to you both and wanted to express my gratitude to him and his teachings. He gave me a different way to look at trees, especially fruit trees. I owe him for the improvements of our orchard and for feeling less intimidating by them. I consider Michael my tree guru, I only met him once in person at the Indiana Small Farm Conference few years ago but read his book several times and took every opportunity to see him presenting or speaking at different virtual venues. Always grateful ?

Juan Carlos Arango


So hard, so sorry. Thinking of you Nancy and Gracie and sending much love.? This shot reminds me of Michael sharing wisdom on your wonderful farm, while leaning against the apple tree, so many years ago. He was such an inspiration, and kind and decent man.

Tammy Huckabone


Nancy & Gracie, my heart is with you. I am so sad to hear of Michael ’s passing. My orchard is better for his clear direction and this whole old world sure has improved because of his loving work. I will keep Michael ’s memory close as I care for my trees.

Quincy Gray


Nancy & Gracie, it has been many years since I have seen all of you. My condolences to both of you. Michael will always be remembered as the greatest apple grower in my eyes. Peace and love to you at this time. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Tammy Hudson


Dear Nancy and Gracie, Michael was a wonderful humorous teacher of all things apple. He will be sorely missed all over. I am so so sorry for your incredible loss.

Becky Bartovics


A real loss for all of us and for the trees. But I ’m grateful he shared some of his knowledge in his books.

Doug Fields

I am so sorry! I interviewed Michael many years ago for an article, and even that short chat was a profound inspiration.

Amy Grisak


Dear Nancy and Gracie, I was so shocked to hear of his death. Heartbreaking. What a big hole his absence makes. Sending you all my love to hold you while you mourn, my dears.

Clara Lennox


The thundering agony of a gentle apple tree man falling. I weep. Sending love

Roberta Bailey


Oh no so sad to see this! I read his book many years ago and emailed him with questions and he was so kind to answer. He was a true inspiration ?

Steve Kinsella


Thousand thanks for the knowledge. Rest in peace. May he take a favourable rebirth.

GraÅžvydas Jegelevicius


Michael insight has impacted my life and my work with soil. Will miss him and his life will continue through all the people he touched with his knowledge.

Ziyu Chan


My deepest condolences. I have fond memories of Michael at the PASA conferences over the years and always looked forward to seeing him. We would share stories of northern New England and common acquaintances from across the VT/NH border. He was an inspiration to many, a calm beacon and gentle soul. The true Johnny Appleseed of our times. ?

Lisa Desrochers Diefenbach


Michael gave a voice to the trillions of living organisms that are the key to healthy life for those of us above ground. He now joins his friends. His spirit will be alive and well for sure. I remember well when Michael was the keynote speaker at the NOFA summer conference. He inspired all that heard him. He taught me everything I know about organic orchard work. I will never forget the workshops he did at our farm and Canterbury Shaker Village as well. He was a wonderful person. He will be sorely missed but never forgotten.

Jack Mastrianni


Man, this is so heartbreaking to hear. Michael was always so generous to me. He was teaching Natural orcharding at a time when even organic growers were saying, if you want a crop, it could never be done

Allan Balliett


Condolences to family and friends of Michael. His inspiration and knowledge helped me in my journey of planting and care of my orchard. He will forever be remembered.

Barb Biscone


Oh Nancy and Gracie, I am just seeing your post about Michael. I am so sorry for your loss. Michael was a shining light that lived in harmony with the earth and loved sharing the gifts of nature with everyone. Please take care of yourselves. Sending you my love.

Kuumba Piazza


Oh no! What happened? Oh, this world is a darker place for losing him. He was SUCH a great teacher, so passionate about sharing what he had learned. This is very sad news...my condolences from Iowa...

Suzan Erem


Do fungal things. Going to miss that

Candy Thomas


Michael really helped me understand fungus at much greater level. I am forever enlightened by him and grateful for the knowledge.

Steve M. Swaffar


it’s that time of year when my orchard bible The Holistic Orchard comes off the shelf for reference thorugh the growing season. i ’ll be channeling Michael while pruning trees this week. so sorry for your loss

Janet B. Wilkinson


Very sorry for your loss, I was actually coming here to ask Michael when I could come up to take some scion cuttings from his trees as I have for the past 2 seasons. He was a very giving and passionate man!

Spent Spentler


Michael was a remarkably successful organic orchardist and teacher. Everyone (mostly) goes on about how we can't raise organic tree fruit. Except that Michael did, and he taught everyone who showed up how to do it.

Essie Hull

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