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Wealth is a deep understanding of the natural world.
Bill Mollison

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The plant medicine side of our farm has evolved towards direct relationship with Nancy as a warm and generous teacher. Healing herb programs and radiant women retreats can be found at Heartsong Farm Wellness 


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Greener than Green

This tale comes from the early 80s when hitchhiking about South Island in New Zealand, having just completed the winter harvest season at Tucker Orchards outside of Motueka. Picking apples, of course!

One day found me (Michael) taking a municipal bus out of Christchurch, to the end of the line, heading to Arthur's Pass towards the glorious Southern Alps. The Maori driver, a man nearing retirement age, turned to me -- no one else was left on the bus at this point -- and said, 'I had this dream. The broad steps of a temple led up to a pair of doors upon which were written the words Love and Respect. Like a complete code for living our lives, right? I opened the door and saw people, all happy people, wearing white togas. One figure stood out from the rest. All the others basked in this presence of love. Then I noticed that everyone, when they ate, partook of a leafy plant, a plant greener than green. This seemed to nourish the people completely.'

Then the bus driver focused his eyes deep into mine: 'Perhaps that's why you are here, to find this plant that is greener than green.'

Heady stuff for a youth headed for the hills to be sure. Discovering a plant that offers such spiritual and physical nourishment seems more a community task. Many years later, I've come to an understanding how this man's dream meshes with my own quixotic path. The underlying spirit of the plant world awaits us on a much deeper level. We're intuiting a right direction as we open our hearts to the full circle of Creation. Our work with the healing plants themselves is what's greener than green.

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