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Lost Nation Orchard

Michael Phillips, Apple Grower


A guy stumbles into the limelight by various means. Other miscellany adds to the fun. Think random, think appreciative, think tomfoolery!

In The Press

The Acres Interview, September 2019

Michael answers the interviewer's question, “What exactly is the soil-food web, and what role do mycorrhizal fungi play in it?”


New York Times, November 2011

Garden writer Anne Raver comes north to learn the ins and outs of holistic apple growing on our medicinal herb farm.



Pruning on a sunny New Hampshire summer day

from 'How to Prune an Apple Tree'  by Ian Aldrich
YANKEE magazine, Jan/Feb 2014, 

Podcasts with that guy

Biodynamics Now!

Exploring spiritual agriculture (2012)

Farmer to Farmer

The fungal side of good farming (2017)

Abundant Edge

Regenerative orcharding for all (2020)

Organic Wine

Fungal perspective from the vineyard (2021)

Propaganda by the Seed

Deep biology for plant fanatics (2022)


Check These Out

Nancy's Famous Apple Cake

Listed here by popular request. Thank you, Nancy!


Michael's Orchard

Kieran Goss and Annie Kinsella sing of blossom time and more. The name is pure coincidence.  (YouTube: Kieran Goss Music)


International Dark-Sky Association

More and more people gazing up at the stars in awe would help our species solve matters here at home.


Heartfelt Thanks

tree people

Frank Siteman, photographer

Ben Watson, editor-in-chief

Michael Potts, webster


Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really believe it.
Mark Twain

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